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Health Benefits


* Bananas produce digestive enzymes that help to absorb nutrients.

* High fibre in bananas help with constipation.


* Studies show that the vitamin A compound carotenoids may help to reduce liver cancer.

* The soluble fibre in oranges help to lower cholesterol.


Fibre found in mangos boosts the digestive system by burning additional calories and because mangos are filled with vitamins and nutrients, the body feels fuller.


* 70% of our body is made up of water and we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to meet the bodies daily requirements.

* Water helps to reduce weight by removing byproducts of fat from the body. It has zero calories, greatly suppresses appetite and lowers food intake.

* Drinking lots of water moisturizes skin and helps to maintain its elasticity and suppleness. It also helps to prevent dryness through detoxification.

* In addition, water helps to fight skin disorders like ezcema, psoriasis, dry skin, wrinkles and spots.

* Water removes toxins and most of the waste products from our body.



About Amelia Robinson

I am the second eldest of five (all girls), and spent most of my growing years on an Orchard, where my father worked. Religion and Spirituality was talked about and sometimes followed, but not persistently. I always felt alone and try as I might, could never seem to find a relationship where I could give my love completely and not get hurt, until I had my children. My aunty once told me that I brought my kids up right because they love and that was the highest compliment anyone could say to me. Still floundering from relationship to relationship in search of 'true love', it wasn't until quite recently that I finally stumbled upon it - love for myself - in all its entirety ... more