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Health Benefits


* Bananas help to protect against muscle cramps during a workout and leg cramps when sleeping.

* Eating bananas help build strong bones and replaces calcium lost through urination.


* Blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants of all fresh fruit and is therefore, the most effective immunity builder.

* Blueberries help to neutralize free radicals which cause disease and aging in the body.

* Studies show that blueberries aid in reducing belly fat.


* Mangos are good skin cleansers for all types of skin. They help to unclog pores and add freshness to your face.

* Rich in tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid, Mangos help to maintain the alkali levels in the body.

Apple Juice

* Studies show that drinking apple juice can improve memory by increasing the production of the essential neuro-transmitter acetylcholine.

Natural Yoghurt

* Natural yoghurt may improve the health of your heart by lowering cholesterol in the body.




About Amelia Robinson

I am the second eldest of five (all girls), and spent most of my growing years on an Orchard, where my father worked. Religion and Spirituality was talked about and sometimes followed, but not persistently. I always felt alone and try as I might, could never seem to find a relationship where I could give my love completely and not get hurt, until I had my children. My aunty once told me that I brought my kids up right because they love and that was the highest compliment anyone could say to me. Still floundering from relationship to relationship in search of 'true love', it wasn't until quite recently that I finally stumbled upon it - love for myself - in all its entirety ... more