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Inspirational Quotes

MEDITATION (Keeping Still)

There is stillness, KEN, in the upper trigram of cosmic ideals, and stillness repeated below in the trigram of human affairs.

MEDITATION - a state where your thoughts do not go beyond the situation at hand!

* When you receive this hexagram, it is an ideal time to focus upon your inner perspective.

* Once the mind is calm and the ego quelled, you will transcend your internal turmoil. Your inner stillness will bring enlightenment by objectifying your impressions.

* MEDITATION and inner calm, will help to centre you.

* Through objectivity, you will know when to act and when not to act.

* Hold your thoughts to the present and attempt an unprejudiced view of the situation. Actions that spring from this attitude will be appropriate and well regarded.

* By avoiding thoughts that project too far into the future, and dispelling illusions of what can or will be, you can overcome ego-generated difficulties.

* MEDITATION can renew both mind and body.

* By pacifying stress that is based upon projection and fantasy, true relaxation can be attained.

* The instincts that spring forth will be in accordance with your real needs.



About Amelia Robinson

I am the second eldest of five (all girls), and spent most of my growing years on an Orchard, where my father worked. Religion and Spirituality was talked about and sometimes followed, but not persistently. I always felt alone and try as I might, could never seem to find a relationship where I could give my love completely and not get hurt, until I had my children. My aunty once told me that I brought my kids up right because they love and that was the highest compliment anyone could say to me. Still floundering from relationship to relationship in search of 'true love', it wasn't until quite recently that I finally stumbled upon it - love for myself - in all its entirety ... more