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Hi there, and welcome!

My name is Amelia, and thank you for visiting My Spiritual Universe. Maybe you are here because you are searching ... for spiritual knowledge, for self-realization, for the Truth! If so, then you have come to the right place because My Spiritual Universe attempts to offer this, and more!

Designed for the novice Spiritual Traveller, My Spiritual Universe attempts to offer knowledge for the 'correct growth of our spiritual development'. This web site will help us to realize 'Spiritual Truth' because with this 'Truth', comes freedom - freedom from the bondage of life and death, birth and rebirth.

Significantly, and ultimately, this freedom, is the destiny of us all!

Inspirational Quotes

My Spiritual Universe came about because of my thirst for the truth about death.

It's about a story of how my son went to hell because of my actions and how I spent a whole year looking for him.

It's about finding not just my son, but my whole familly and how, five years later on, they were able to escape that fearful, heavy level and follow the Light to a higher vibration (through the power of their 'love' for each other).

At first I started looking on the outside - going to church, mixing in with the milieu, befriending others - I would have kept going, had my husband not whispered in my ear that I should be looking on the inside.

Each night I would pray to Jesus, asking where my son was. Each night I would fall asleep to the words of Kenneth Copeland - "And Jesus said ..."

Turning one's mind inward to focus on a whole new world, is very, very difficult and very, very scary, because we are venturing into the unknown - into a mystical land of nod that us 'outsiders' either laugh and scoff about or fear and stay well clear of.

I began by reading - The Book of Matthew, The Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is, The IChing, The Psychedelic Experience. These books were / are amazing and I am still learning from them - they are timeless.

The Book of Matthew taught me how to behave if I want to go to Heaven and stay there. It also allows the reader to develop a personal relationship with the speaker of this very famous book - most important!

The Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is, is similar to The Book of Matthew, only it goes into much more detail of what, how and why regarding our journey to Heaven. The speaker is Sri Lord Krsna who, it is written, is the eighth incarnation of the Indian God Visnu. This book also allows the reader to develop a personal relationship with the speaker ... and you will want to - entirely and incessantly.

The IChing helped me to put all my feelings into some sort of order which in turn helped me to understand and therefore control them ... NOT! - lol - well at least I understand them :)

The Psychedelic Experience is based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead and is a manual that guides us to The Light when we die. When a Tibetan person dies, this manual is read to them to guide them to The Light, or if they fail to recognize and merge with It, then onto a new life.

The articles and blogs are about my journey and what I learnt along the way and they are invaluable to those of you who are 'Seekers of the Truth'.

In the music section, are songs and chants I wrote to help me stay on track and they are as beautiful today as they were 25 years ago, when they were first written. If you are on a spiritual journey, they will help you too!

I've also included some of my favourite, affordable and very easy to make organic vegetarian recipes that are wholesome and nutritious. I enjoy eating these meals during summer as they keep me feeling 'light' in a heavy, hot and humid environment.

All the inspirational quote images are original designs and if you find yourself attracted to some of them, then by all means, share them with your friends or on your web page just as long as my web site name stays on the images. Thanks for that.

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About Amelia Robinson

Amelia Robinson

I am the second eldest of five (all girls), and spent most of my growing years on an Orchard, where my father worked. Religion and Spirituality was talked about and sometimes followed, but not persistently. I always felt alone and try as I might, could never seem to find a relationship where I could give my love completely and not get hurt, until I had my children. My aunty once told me that I brought my kids up right because they love and that was the highest compliment anyone could say to me. Still floundering from relationship to relationship in search of 'true love', it wasn't until quite recently that I finally stumbled upon it - love for myself - in all its entirety ... more