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The Psychedelic Experience


The Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Experience

July 2012

How it helped me




I'm not quite sure where to start, so I'll just relax and let my mind wander where it will concerning the object of my enquiry (lol).

As mentioned in my last blog, the first time I encountered this book was when my son died and my husband was trying to show me one of the visions where my son might be trapped. Now if you read the following vision in the midst of the burial of one of your most nearest and dearest, what would you think? I'll tell you what I thought, confused - I just could not connect the two at that time. And I might add, that the vision my husband showed me, was incorrect - it was vision number two below:

Vision 1 -

V. Sexual Visions (vision my husband showed me):

[According to Jung. (“Psychological Commentary” to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Evans-Wentz edition, p. xiii), “Freud’s theory is the first attempt made in the West to investigate, as if from below, from the animal sphere of instinct (the psychic territory that corresponds in Tantric Lamaism), to the Sidpa Bardo.” The vision described here, in which the person sees mother and father in sexual intercourse, corresponds to the “primal scene” in psychoanalysis. At this level, then, we begin to see a remarkable convergence of Eastern and Western psychology. Note also the exact correspondence to the psychoanalytic theory of the Oedipus Complex.]

Sexual visions are extremely frequent during the Third Bardo. You may see or imagine males and females copulating. This vision may be internal or it may involve the people around you. You may hallucinate multi-person orgies and experience both desire and shame, attraction and disgust. You may wonder what sexual performance is expected of you and have doubts about your ability to perform at this time.

When these visions occur, remember to withhold yourself from action or attachment. Have faith and float gently with the stream. Trust in the unity of life and in your companions.

If you attempt to enter into your old ego because you are attracted or repulsed, if you try to join or escape from the orgy you are hallucinating, you will re-enter on an animal or neurotic level. If you become conscious of 'maleness', hatred of the father together with jealousy and attraction towards the mother will be experienced; if you become conscious of 'femaleness', hatred of the mother together with attraction and fondness for the father is experienced.

It is perhaps needless to say that this kind of self-centered sexuality has little in common with the secuality of transpersonal experiences. Physical union can be one expression or manifestation of cosmic union. Visions of sexual union may sometimes be followed by visions of conception - you may actually visualize the sperm uniting with the ovum - of intra-uterine life and birth through the womb. Some people claim to have re-lived their own physical birth in psychedelic sessions and occasionally confirming evidence for such claims has been put forward. Whether this is so or not may be left as a question to be decided by empirical evidence. Sometimes the birth visions will be clearly symbolic - e.g., emergence from a cocoon, breaking out of a shell, etc.

Whether the birth vision is constructed from memory or fantasy, the psychedelic voyager should try to recognize the signs indicating the type of personality that is being reborn.


The INSTRUCTIONS FOR SEXUAL VISIONS may be read to the voyager who is struggling with sexual hallucinations.


O (name), At this time you may see visions of mating couples. You are convinced that an orgy is about to take place. Desire and anticipation seize you. You wonder what sexual performance is expected of you. When these visions occur, Remember to withhold yourself from action or attachment. Humbly exercise your faith. Float with the stream. Trust the process with great fervency. Meditation and trust in the unity of life are the keys. If you attempt to enter into your old personality because you are attracted or repulsed, if you try to join the orgy, you are hallucinating. You will be reborn on an animal level. you will experience possessive desire and jealousy. You will suffer stupidity and misery. If you wish to avoid these miseries, Listen and recognize. Reject the feelings of attraction or repulsion. Remember the downward pull opposing enlightenment is strong in you. Meditate upon unity with your fellow voyagers. Abandon jealousy, Be neither attracted nor repulsed by your sexual hallucinations. If you are you will wander in misery a long time. Repeat these words to yourself. And meditate on them.


My husband showed me the above vision and instructions because of the neighbours who came to offer condolences the night my son died. These neighbours were your typical nosey neighbours from 'hell' and we had had our fair share of 'crap' from them, so I was somewhat suspicious when they arrived on my doorstep after the ambulance had departed and my husband and I were on our way to the local hospital. My friend from over the road, was babysitting my other children and following tradition, let these nosey neighbours into my home where they proceeded to go through the whole house, looking in all the cupboards as they did so. When I arrived home from the hospital and saw them in my lounge, I was too devastated to talk to them, and soon after, they left.

There was discord between my husband and I during the three days of my son's funeral - so much so that my husband refused to be a part of the funeral process and this was because of my cultural 'burial' tradition. Once my son was buried in the family cemetery, my husband told me that he was disgusted in the way we bury our dead and because of this tradition, my son had gone to Hell. He also said that he was leaving and that he might not be back. I was devastated and did not understand what he was talking about because we always buried our dead that way. The night my husband left, I was scared and lonely, so I decided to go out with my cousins for the night in the hope of falling asleep in a drunken stupor. This I managed to achieve, but was woken around 4am to the feeling of someone laying on top of me - my hands and lips were cold. I became so scared that I ran over the road to my friend who was baby sitting my children, and slept there until daylight.

The next day I called my friend's mother's pastor from the Apostolic Church and related my story to him. He was a lovely person and cleansed my home and gave me some tapes to listen to. Too scared to sleep in my bedroom, I moved my mattress into the lounge and slept there with my children, listening to the words of Kenneth Copeland - "... and Jesus said 'Fear Not, for I am with you always'..."

So, when my husband returned and I related my story to him, he told me that he thought it was the nosey neighbours from hell right from the time they entered our home, hence the reason why he showed me the above vision.

Vision 2 -

(vision where my son was actually trapped):

I. General Description of the Third Bardo:

A second sign of Third Bardo existence are experiences of panic, torture and persecution. They are distinguished from the wrathful visions of the Second Bardo in that they definitely seem to involve the person's own 'skin-encapsulated ego'. Mind-controlling manipulative figures and demons of hideous aspects may be hallucinated. The form that these torturing demons take will depend on the person's cultural background. Where Tibetans saw demons and beasts of prey, a Westerner may see impersonal machinery grinding, or depersonalizing and controlling devices of different futurisitic varieties. Visions of world destruction, dying in space-fiction modes, and hallucinations of the 'combine's fog machinery', or the gears which move the scenery of the puppet show, of angry overflowing seas, and of the roaring fire and of fierce winds springing up, and of mocking laughter.

When these sounds and visions come, the first impulse will be to flee from them in panic and terror, not caring where one goes, so long as one goes out. In psychedelic drug experiences, the person may at this time plead or demand to be brought 'out of it' through antidotes and tranquillizers. The person may see himself as about to fall down deep, terrifying precipices. These symbolize the so-called evil passions which, like narcotic drugs, enslave and blind mankind to existence in game-networks (sangsara): anger, lust, stupidity, pride or egoism, jealousy and control-power. Such experiences, just as the previous one of enhanced power, should be regarded as recognizing features of the Third Bardo One should neither flee the pain nor pursue the pleasure. Recognition is all that is necessary - and recognition depends upon preparation.


O (name), If you have not understood the above, At this moment, As a result of your own mental set, Frightening visions may come. Gusts of wind and icy blasts, Humming and clicking of the controlling machinery, Mocking laughter. You may imagine terror producing remarks: 'Guilty', 'stupid', 'inadequate', 'nasty'. Such imagined taunts and paranoid nightmares Are the residues of selfish, ego-dominated game-playing. Fear them not. They are your own mental products. Remember that you are in the Third Bardo. You are struggling to re-enter the denser atmosphere of routine game existence. Let this re-entry be smooth and slow. Do not attempt to use force or will-power.

As mentioned earlier, I believe that it was Vision 2 above, where my son was trapped.

When my husband and I returned from the hospital the night my son died, we waited for everyone to leave whereupon my husband meditated on Buddha, whilst I kneeled behind him and asked my mum to pick up my son and look after him. I didn't know it at the time, but the channel to the level described in Vision 2 was opened by the nosey neighbours from hell when they performed their prayers - (unique to our cultural beliefs), throughout my home.

Not long after my son was buried, my husband and I visited his grave when my grandaunt arrived and told me in no uncertain terms, that this was not my cemetery, but her family's and she did not want my son there. I think she was afraid of my husbands buddhist beliefs, because she, infact all of my family (me included), had great misgivings about the Buddhist faith - thinking it to be evil.

All the time that my son was buried in my mothers family cemetery, I was constantly bombarded with contentious issues to deal with - so much so that my husband and I decided to move him. My fathers family did not want him in their cemetery, so he was placed in an unmarked grave at a public cemetery, one year after his first burial.

One week before my sons reinternment, I began having nightmare visions of these hard, cruel faces - staring at me in a most formidable challenge. These faces were so scary that I didn't want to go to sleep because everytime I did, I would wake up in a frightened stupor. The only thing that kept me sane was my Hare Krsna chant:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

These nightmare visions continued for a week and during that time, I did little else but chant. On the fourth night, my mother appeared and I knew instantly, that she was on this level. When I looked closer, I could see that she was covering something with a cloak and peering under it, I saw my son - all safe and sound - I love you so much Mum - thank you!

It seemed that I was able to communicate with mum through some type of telepathy or thought wave - she wasn't very happy when I told her that I had come for my son because he needed to be sent to The Light where he belongs, but when I mentioned that I could send her as well, she asked if I could send our family too, and when I looked around, I could see all of my family there - I was devastated - not only because they were trapped on this hell hole level, but also because I didn't know how to send all of them to The Light - I told her that I didn't know how to, but that I would find out - and I did!

The night before my sons reinternment, I was still not sure how, exactly, I was to retrieve my son from the level he was on and send him to The Light, when Lord Krsna appeared and He gave me explicit instructions that involved both myself and my husband.

At my son's new grave site, there was just my husband, myself, the undertaker (who had followed my husband's wishes exactly), and a guy from the council. Once the undertaker and my husband brought my son's remains in a beautiful white wooden box and placed him at the foot of his grave, my husband came and stood by my side. The moment I called my son to me, I felt this rush of energy hit me and it was a bit scary at first, but then I told him to go to his dad, who was telling him to go to The Light and the moment my son hit The Light, everything around us went white and clear and I knew that my son was Home - that was one of the most happiest moments of my life.

Two years later, my husband and I were married and on our wedding night, mum appeared again and told me that I looked really happy, and I replied that I was. She asked again if I could send her and her whole family to The Light and I said that I could not because I did not have a loving bond with them - nor they with me, but through love, I could send her, she could send her parents and children who have already died, and they could send their parents and children, who could send their parents and children and so on, and so on - sort of like a chain reaction. When they were ready, I asked our dear Lord Jesus to come down and pick up my mum whom I loved dearly. When He appeared, He took mum by the hand and all my family linked arms, and they were gone - bye Mum - love you - thank you Jesus, my dear friend! That was another happy moment in my life :)

I know this level to be true and the cruel, formidable faces, real, because two of my sisters had the same nightmares at the same time I had mine (this I found out quite a few years later). I also came to understand that those faces were the Keepers to that realm - similar to St Peter, Keeper of the Pearly Gates (who is also real).

Peace and Light

Amelia Robinson

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