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The Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is


The Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is

The Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is

May 2012

How it helped me



I don't know! I read The Bhagavad Gita As-It-Is and it made common sense to me. At first glance, it appeared to be 'The Bible' of a different culture, complete with "don'ts or otherwise" throughout, but it went deeper than that. Although the 'words' are most important indeed, it seemed to me that when one reads and re-reads The Gita (affectionately named), with enthusiasm, anticipation and sincerity, then one develops a personal relationship with the speaker.

It took one year after the death of my son, before I was able to move him from the family cemetery, because I was ordered to do so by a grand-aunt (who took exception to the fact that my husband was a Buddhist). The night before my son's reinternment, I was really worried about 'how' I was supposed to send him to Heaven, and after 'throwing the IChing coins' in the hope of receiving a reply that I could understand, I fell asleep, none the wiser. That same night, Lord Krsna appeared to me in a dream and told me that when we are standing at the grave site, and when the Undertaker has given us a few minutes alone, I was to call to my son with all the pure love that a mother could muster, and then send him to his dad, who will be thinking - "Go to the Light, go to the Light". Lord Krsna also told me that I will know when my son is near because I will feel a strange, warm feeling in my stomach. He also instructed that there should be just my husband and I present.

The next day, events occurred exactly as my dream. I felt this strange energy whoosh into my stomach which took me completely by surprise because I wasn't anticipating such a strong and vibrant force. I must admit that I was somewhat afraid, and in view of that, I hurriedly directed him to his dad - "Go to Daddy, go to Daddy". I could feel his energy leave me, but as soon as he reached his dad, everything went white - like a brilliantly, bright light switching on suddenly - a brilliantly, bright light that exuded warmth and happiness and peace. We stayed in that Light for some moments before it disappeared. My son was 'Home' and in the process, I experienced the energy of The Light. Thank you my dear Lord! Thank you!

That was the first experience I had with Lord Krsna and I instantly became a devotee. The year preceeding that moment was one of the most difficult times of my life, yet it paved the way for a brighter and lighter future - not in a material sense because I'm still existing from payday to payday (lol), but within myself. I now know who I am and why I am that person. I know my boundaries and limitations and I know how to control the bullshit that enters into my sphere - no longer do I worry - why bother? Why waste your precious energy with worry when the situation will happen regardless? I no longer search relentlessly for an answer because I am happy with my lot in life.

Peace and Light

Amelia Robinson

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Amelia Robinson

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